#nordkystenskunsttriennale 22. juni – 22. september 2019
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Triennial workshop for children and teenagers

As part of the Triennial, Gribskov Art School is offering children and teenagers the opportunity to learn about contemporary art.

We would like to invite you to participate in an outdoor workshop with Yvette Brackman where you can work with textile, collage, painting and paper.

Yvette Brackman’s artworks promote discussions about identity, social interaction and history and are on exhibit in the old part of town. In one of her video installations, people are dressed in costumes that symbolize different experiences and periods in the life of an artist. During the workshop, we will be addressing the question of whether identity can be expressed using shape and colour.

We will find the answer to this question in the first week of August. Join us and help to create unusual, thought-provoking, beautiful artworks and sculptures.

Dates: 1–6 August at 11:00. Free admission.

Culture Night, Saturday, 20 August: We are continuing the workshop on Culture Night and will end the evening with an opening. Yvette Brackman will be joining us from 19:00 until 21:00 and will be talking about her work. Free admission.

Place: Østergade 20, 3250 Gilleleje

The Gribskov Art School is part of the Gribskov School of Culture. They participate, whenever possible, in Gribskov’s cultural activities, including concerts, exhibitions and workshops.

Collaboration with Gilbjerg School in Gilleleje

During the autumn, Yvette Brackman and personal coach Kristina van Kampen will continue focusing on children and teenagers and their stories. In collaboration with Gildbjerg School in Gilleleje, students in grades 3 to 9 (9–16 years old) will be invited to participate in a workshop about creating sculptures to tell stories.

During the workshop, the students will use their own stories as a framework for their artworks. The idea is that students create a shape or an object that visually represent their story. In each workshop, Yvette Brackman and Kristina van Kampen will be working with students on their stories. The idea is for the group, with help from the artist, to create sculptures based on their individual stories, so they can weave all of them together and create a joint story. The children will get the chance to put their artworks in the Old House at Museum Nordsjælland during the workshop. After this, the participants will put on a joint performance presenting all the artworks.

Laila Bertelsen (Director) and Christina Helvad (teacher), Gribskov Art School