#nordkystenskunsttriennale 22. juni – 22. september 2019
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The artworks created for the North Coast Art Triennial are located at nine sites along the northern coast of Sjælland: at art and cultural institutions as well as the landscapes between Hornbæk and Tisvildeleje. Guests are hereby invited to create an interesting Triennial route to encompass the many artworks. You decide how much and your pace.

Fish auction house in Gilleleje

Charlotte Haslund-Christensen (DK) is exhibiting an artwork on the gable of the fish auction house in Gilleleje during the entire Triennial.

Det Gamle Hus

In Det Gamle Hus and Lagerhallen in Gilleleje you can see a work by Yvette Brackman (US/ DK) Opening hours 4 June–28 August: Tuesday–Sunday 11:00–16:00 1...
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Esrum Kloster & Møllegård

Artists at Esrum Kloster & Møllegaard Katja Bjørn (DK) Book&Hedén (N) Antti Laitinien (FN) Jytte Rex (DK) Vinyl, terror & horror (DK) Mette Winckelmann (DK Esrum...
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Kjædemosehus is an artists’ residence at Haagen-Müllersvej 6 in Tibirke in the western part of Gribskov. The street is named for Marie and Victor Haagen-Müller,...
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Munkeruphus hosts artworks by 9 artists: Stig L. Andersson (DK), Katja Bjørn (DK), Giacomo Castagnola (Peru/Mexico), Jesper Dalgaard (DK), Gillion Grantsaan (Suriname/NL/DK), Søren Martinsen (DK), Camilo Ontiveros (Mexico/US), Mirjam Thomann (D) and Marc Yankus (US).

Nakkehoved Lighthouse

The current lighthouse has a wealth of history. From 1772 until 1898, Nakkehoved boasted two lighthouses. Apart from 8 months in 1772, however, the two...
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Bonderupvejen Roundabout

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (Denmark) will be exhibiting her artwork in the roundabout between Nakkehoved Strandvej and Bonderupvejen.

Tegners Museum & Statuepark

Katja Bjørn (Denmark), Jytte Rex (Denmark), Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (Denmark) and Mirjam Thomann (Germany) will exhibit their artworks indoors and outdoors at the Rudolph Tegner...
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Villingerød Church

From mid-August until 1 November, Dor Guez from Israel will exhibit an artwork that uses radiation in the visible spectrum emanating from the Church steeple to commemorate the universal concept of fleeing...