#nordkystenskunsttriennale 22. juni – 22. september 2019
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The organisation behind The North Coast Art Triennale 2019

Art House Without Walls is an exhibition platform that was established in 2008.  Its mission is to focus on contemporary art that interacts with the local art and cultural landscape by inviting artists that work with site-specific art.

Art House Without Walls is an autonomous institution. The Management Board of Art House Without Walls is made up of representatives from various art and cultural institutions, including the directors of the Rudolph Tegner Museum and Statue Park, Museum Nordsjælland, Munkeruphus and Esrum Abbey & Millfarm. The other board members are the principal of the Gribskov School of Culture, a councillor from the Gribskov Municipal Council, an attorney, a museum expert and a renowned Danish artist.

The Project Manager employed by the Municipality of Gribskov carries out the day-to-day work of the project. Based on the wishes of the Project Manager, the members of the Management Board may participate, to varying degrees, in the various projects. With their different profiles and commitments at the cultural institutions, the Management Board members provide an example of intersectoral collaboration and community, and they have enabled many exhibitions to be organized. In recent years, the Management Board has worked well together, and they decided to raise their ambitions and create a Triennial, thereby committing to working on an art exhibition that returns every three years.

Art House Without Walls has a vision for the future. The plan is for the Triennial to spread across the entire northern coast of Sjælland, from Hundested to Helsingør, and to invite more collaboration partners to join them. It is all about making the northern coast of Sjælland more visible in the national and international art world.

Management Board


Ulla Dræbye (Chair), former Councillor, Gribskov Municipal Council

Marianne Bech, former Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark

Søren Frandsen (Vice Chair), Director of Community Relations, Museum Nordsjælland

Line Kjær, Artistic Director, Munkeruphus

Luise Gomard, Director, Rudolph Tegner Museum & Statue Park

Helle Simonsen, Director of Public Relations and Communication, Esrum Abbey & Millfarm

Lars Lundgaard Jensen, Principal, Gribskov School of Culture

Erling Bevensee,

Morten Jørgensen, Councillor, Gribskov Municipal Council

Søren Nielsen (Treasurer), attorney


Project Manager:
Helle Nanny Brendstrup, mag.art, Center for Kultur, Fritid og Turisme, Gribskov Kommune


For further information about the North Coast Art Triennale 2019 please contact:

Helle Nanny Brendstrup
Mail: hnbre@ncat.dk
Phone: + 45 72497086

Graphic Design: Kamilla Schultz
Website: Lars Højberg