#nordkystenskunsttriennale 22. juni – 22. september 2019
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Nakkehoved Lighthouse

The current lighthouse has a wealth of history. From 1772 until 1898, Nakkehoved boasted two lighthouses. Apart from 8 months in 1772, however, the two coal-fired lighthouses did not function regularly until 1800, when the two lighthouse platforms were covered to make the balefire more robust in the fickle winds and weather in Gilleleje. When the two coal fires were aligned, this created a sightline that gave ships valuable information on their position.

The elegant natural elements of Nakkehoved have attracted many artists throughout the ages. These artists have devised many depictions of this landscape with the two lighthouses as the motif. The sunbeams reflecting off the smooth water surface create light effects that move many artists. The slow sunsets over the sea are very striking, with crimson colours creating a memorable mood around the lighthouses. The dim dusk descends darkly but is distracted by the dawning of the lighthouse, which begins to rotate with three intermittent beacons. The luminous lensed lighthouse lamps give the surroundings a special splendour. Fabulous and phantasmagoric figments fly through the fiery twilight. Trolls and other mythical monsters are anticipated to appear anytime. Prowling night-owls who can soar with the whistling wind freely fantasize in fanciful flight with the frolicking light. Nakkehoved entices everyone, but extraordinary artists excel exquisitely at expressing the exceptional experience of exploring this exotic expanse.

Artists at Nakkehoved Lighthouse

Jeanette Sætre (Norway)

Mirjam Thomann (Germany)

4–19 June: Thursday–Sunday 11:00–16:00
21 June–28 August: Tuesday–Sunday 11:00–16:00
1–25 September: Thursday–Sunday 11:00–16:00
1 October–27 November: Saturday–Sunday 11:00–16:00
Autumn break (17–23 October): open every day 11:00–16:00

Nakkehoved Lighthouse

Fyrvejen 25A

3250 Gilleleje