#nordkystenskunsttriennale 22. juni – 22. september 2019
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Kjædemosehus is an artists’ residence at Haagen-Müllersvej 6 in Tibirke in the western part of Gribskov. The street is named for Marie and Victor Haagen-Müller, two artists who lived there from 1924 until 1996. Gerda Thune Andersen, a sculptor, bought the house in 1996. The main house was originally a modest cottage built in about 1875. The Haagen-Müllers renovated and expanded it in the years before the Second World War and also built a 100-m2 free-standing atelier, their third atelier. The main house is a beautiful 206-m2 thatched-roof building in a large garden on the edge of Tisvilde Hegn nature preserve.

Artist at Kjædemosehus

Katja Bjørn (Denmark)

Opening hours: all week 10:00–16:00


Haagen-Müllersvej 6

3220 Tidsvildeleje