#nordkystenskunsttriennale 22. juni – 22. september 2019
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Jesper Dalgaard (DK)

Since he graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2001, Jesper Dalgaard has established himself as an original voice in Danish contemporary art. If one needs to call him something, the term sculptor is usually attached to him, but this should be understood in the widest sense of the term.

Jesper Dalgaard constructs hanging sculptures of sticks, fiber, grass, polystyrene and the like – materials found in model-building stores. In that sense, similar to others of his generation,  he has radically explored and challenged the traditional framework of the sculpture. One of his early exhibitions (2005) at Gallery Christina Wilson was called But Today All is Possible.

Besides sculptures and sculptural installations, Jesper Dalgaard draws, paints and makes videos. His whole production can be viewed as one connected development of an extensive home woodwork science-fiction universe in the scale of a model; an intergalactic, floating future city of mystical planets in which the same artwork elements criss-cross each other. It is a universe he already initiated while he was still a student at the Academy but has developed and expanded throughout the years. One can consider his total production – and so he does himself – as a fictive social structure or utopian ideal society located sometime in the future.