#nordkystenskunsttriennale 22. juni – 22. september 2019
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Det Gamle Hus

In Det Gamle Hus and Lagerhallen in Gilleleje you can see a work by Yvette Brackman (US/ DK)

Opening hours

4 June–28 August: Tuesday–Sunday 11:00–16:00
1 September–23 October: Saturday–Sunday 11:00–16:00
Autumn break (17–23 October): open every day 11:00–16:00
Or make a special agreement with Museum Nordsjælland

Museum Nordsjælland (www.museumns.dk) is a historical museum in Hørsholm, Hillerød and Gilleleje. The Gilleleje branch is currently working on creating a new museum space designed to tell the stories of the Danish Jews fleeing from Gilleleje to Sweden during the Second World War, and the history of fisheries. The land allocated to the new museum is located centrally between the harbour and the church in the idyllic town centre. Today this area comprises two lots that each has an original fisherman’s house. One lot functions as a museum, with the interior decorated as in the 1870s. This lot also encompasses a recently built ship hall focusing on the history of fisheries. The other lot has a fisherman’s house with an old garden maintained to remind visitors of the fisherman’s kitchen garden with fruit trees and berry bushes. The harbour, the sea and the coast of Sweden are omnipresent, and visitors feel the history.


Det Gamle Hus
Gilleleje Hovedgade 49
3250 Gilleleje

Østergade 20
3250 Gilleleje