#nordkystenskunsttriennale 22. juni – 22. september 2019
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Dady de Maximo (Rwanda)

Dady de Maximo MWICIRA MITALI (b. 1982) is a survivor of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda. 12 years old at the time, he lost his father, younger brother and more than 50 family members who were all assassinated. As a young survivor, his suffering became key to his involvement as a motivational speaker, a human rights activist, a social and cultural entrepreneur, a journalist, filmmaker and an artist. In consideration of the great trauma of the Rwandan people, he created a number of innovative radio shows in which conflict management and trauma councilors helped people identify and achieve personal goals thinking positively about the future, he used the healing power of art to achieve reciprocal empowerment through knowledge and resource sharing. Furthermore, he wrote, directed and produced the documentary film By the Shortcut (2009) about the 1994 Genocide and specifically the victims who were drowned in rivers and lakes, throughout his research he was able to find remains of more than 17.000 bodies near the shores of lake Victoria in Uganda. Besides using creative wear as an art form, both as the founder of Rwanda Fashion Festival and a journalist, he fuses art and fashion to talk about disaster issues such as in the 2010 collection Haiti Earthquake, Benghazi Coalition (2010,) If the Sea Could Talk from (2014). He has shown his work in numerous countries; represented Rwanda during the World Fashion week, AFR Paris 2013 & Paris 2014, Dady de Maximo is the youngest member of the board of directors of Center of Art on Migration Politics (CAMP-Denmark) since December 2015.