#nordkystenskunsttriennale 22. juni – 22. september 2019
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North Coast Art Triennial 2019 - Heritage


Here is the list of the participating artists and the sites their art can be experienced in the summer 2019:

Adda Djørup (Denmark), Writer, Østre Fyr (Eastern Lighthouse), Nakkehoved Lighthouses

Alexander Tovborg (Denmark), Artist, Rudolph Tegner Museum & Statue Park

Amiina (Iceland), Band, Nakkehoved Lighthouses

Andreas Glad (Sweden), Artist, Gilleleje Harbour

Axel Antas (Finland), Artist, Gribskov

Ditte Hammerstrøm (Denmark), Designer, Munkeruphus

Elsebeth Jørgensen (Denmark), Artist, Esrum Abbey & Millfarm

Eske Rex (Denmark), Artist and Designer, Munkeruphus

Gerda Thune Andersen (Denmark), Artist, roundabout in Gilleleje

Hans Rosenström (Finland), Artist, ruins of Søborg Castle

Jørgen Carlo Larsen (Denmark), Artist, Munkeruphus

Karin Lind (Denmark), Artist, Græsted

Kirsten Ortwed (Denmark), Sculptor, by the beach at Gilleleje Harbour

Lena Ignestam (Sweden), Artist, Museum Nordsjælland: The Old Fisherman’s House, The Storeroom, The Gilleleje Ship Halls

Malene Bach (Denmark), Artist, Munkeruphus

Mette Martinussen (Denmark), Food Artist, Esrum Abbey & Millfarm

Pop Up Lab, creative workshops for children and teenagers with Christina Bredahl (Denmark) & Lena Ignestam (Sweden), Museum Nordsjælland: The Gilleleje Ship Halls, Rudolph Tegner Museum & Statue Park, Munkeruphus, Esrum Abbey & Millfarm

Sophia Kalkau (Denmark), Artist, Rudolph Tegner Museum & Statue Park

Third Ear (Denmark), Podcasts, Rudolph Tegner Museum & Statue Park, Esrum Abbey & Millfarm

Vibe Bredahl (Denmark), Artist, lake shore in Gribskov

Some information about the coming Art Triennial:

North Coast Art Triennial 2019 – Heritage

Experience the landscapes and history of the northern coast of Sjælland through art

What does heritage mean to people today? Is heritage a common responsibility?

How does our heritage shape our places, our society and the future towards which we are moving? These questions comprise the basis for the Danish North Coast Art Triennial 2019 with the theme of Heritage.

The Art Triennial – an artistic adventure

At the 2019 North Coast Art Triennal, artists from Denmark and the other Nordic countries will explore the regional, historic and specific conceptual qualities of the term heritage based on the new Kongernes Nordsjælland (Royal North Sjælland) National Park and the diversity of cultural history that is embedded there. Based on this, the artists will create numerous artworks for the specific sites in interaction and exchange with the residents and with the collaboration and dialogue partners of Gribskov’s arts and cultural institutions.

The Art Triennial is therefore an artistic voyage through time and space, and anyone armed with the exhibition guide can find their own route and discover the area’s special heritage and places.

The Art Triennial will strongly focus on the meeting, exchange and dialogue that takes place between the cultural identities brought by artists from Denmark and the other Nordic countries, and which is sparked both between the artists and in the meeting with the history, cultural landscape and residents of the northern coast.

Curator of the 2019 Art Triennial

Artist and curator Carina Zunino (b. 1974) will set the stage for our second art triennial in 2019. Carina Zunino is an award-winning artist who has numerous wide-ranging exhibits in Denmark and elsewhere and works in a framework that involves sculpture, installation and photography.

Carina Zunino says the following about the theme of heritage:


Heritage and cultural heritage are extensive concepts that include both the material world that is left to posterity but also the more intangible and abstract aspects, the cultural elements of human consciousness such as language, philosophy of life and forms of interaction that comprise narratives about the past and that also include a common foundation about the overall framework, such as the “Nordic” setting, and minor differences from one region to another in a small country such as Denmark.


The migration of people and the many global communication networks today create a need for us to carefully consider our origin and personal identity. But heritage also helps to embed us in time. Heritage reminds us who we once were and sets a direction for who we can become.


As curator of the North Coast Art Triennial 2019, I want to clarify my focus on the extensive theme of heritage with the subtitle “Creating the Future through the Landscape”. The subtitle is based on existing on Earth in the physical human body and material world; it relates to place and time, and then it includes metaphysical and unknown aspects. I will use these key elements in compiling artists and sites for the 2019 Triennial.


My ambition is that the perspectives of debate and dialogue-making within contemporary art will illuminate stories that comprise the basis for the visible places and landscapes in Gribskov that have been preserved and can be visited and discovered today. Further, art must indicate how spiritual aspects such as stories, myths and traditions are essential to a region’s identity and characteristics. How does the living and dynamic culture influence our thinking and imagination? What heritage do we carry with us? What do the sites of the northern coast of Sjælland have to do with all of this and how does it all form the reality of tomorrow?

Carina Zunino

Carina Zunino

(photograph: Dianna Nilsson)